PGORMA Trails and Maps

Why should I join the Prince George Off-Road Motorcycle Association (PGORMA)?

PGORMA advocates for you, your riding areas, maintains trails and protects the reputation of off-road motorcycling. We also work with the municipal and provincial government to keep our riding areas open.

The future of off-road motorcycling (ORM) depends on membership numbers, responsible land use, and education. We may be just one local group, but joined with other ORM organizations, we create a voice that government and the public cannot ignore. Numbers provide leverage to develop new recreational areas while keeping existing ones open.

Why is PGORMA so concerned about land access?

The incredible freedom that we now enjoy at the most popular riding areas around Prince George is under threat by urban development and natural resource harvesting (mainly logging). We are currently working to keep trails open while adding more riding areas around the Kwitzil Lake (Gravel Pit Lake) and the Tabor Lake areas.

What is PGORMA doing to address land access?

PGORMA takes a proactive approach to trail management and preservation by working closely with organizations such as the Tabor Mountain Recreation Society (TMRS) and Recreation Sites and Trails BC.

By being active members of the Tabor Mountain Recreation Society, we can work in close collaboration with eight other clubs to ensure that government hears our voice on preserving land for recreation usage.

What should I expect at club meetings?

Our meetings are a great place to meet and network with other riders. Remember, PGORMA is a family friendly organization, and all are welcome at the meetings. The agenda (association business such as land advocacy, race planning, or group ride organization) completes within the scheduled 1-hour allotment. There are time over runs, however these are just social. 🙂

What do the club membership fees go towards?

Club membership fees go directly back into the sport and the trails you love to ride. Maintaining the club’s trail maintenance equipment (chainsaws, etc.), purchasing trail signage, paying for this website and helping to pay for some of the social events.

How do I join the PG Off-Road Motorcycle Association?

You and your family can join PGORMA by:

  • Visit
  • Visit any participating power sports dealership and requesting a PGORMA membership form. We would like to extend a special thank you to Cycle North Powersports, Forest Power Sports, NR Motors, and Prince George Motorsports for their generous support.
  • Attend any PGORMA meeting. Any of the club’s executive members can register you and accept your membership fee.

Individual memberships are $20.00 per year, and Family Memberships are $40.00 per year (Includes 2 adults, children under 18 are FREE).

Thank you for your support!

Do I need to register my child's dirtbike?

An off-road vehicle (ORV) that the manufacturer states is designed for operation by a child 11 years old or younger is exempt from having to register. Registration is voluntary.

Information on the ORV Act and vehicle registration is detailed on the Government of British Columbia’s website.


Where can we ride?

The Tabor Mountain Recreation area is a great place to enjoy a casual days ride, a long adventure ride or a family friendly trail ride. The parking area at the end of Scott Road is a great place to unload. The Francis Lake and St. Marie Lake recreation sites are great places to spend time with the family and have easy access to the trails.

More advance trails can be found in the Kwitzil Lake area (aka Gravel Pit Lake or “GPL” for short). GPL is a mixture of wider twin track and “A/B” level single track trails. The Kwitzil Lake recreation area is a good place to unload.


Off-road motorcycling is growing rapidly in North America, and we need your help to ensure that it grows responsibly. From pee-wee to expert, individuals, and families – all riders are welcome.

Together we can ensure the future of off-road motorcycling.