PG Off-Road Motorcycle Association

The Prince George Off-Road Motorcycle Association (PGORMA) was founded by a group of off-road motorcycle enthusiasts with three goals in mind.

  • To create and maintain safe riding environments for off-road motorcyclists of all skill levels.
  • To promote off-road motorcycling in a positive and responsible manner.
  • To assist off-road motorcyclists with training and skill development.

 From pee-wee to expert, individuals and families – all riders are welcome. Together can we ensure the future of safe and responsible off-road motorcycling.

Why Join PGORMA?

By joining the PG Off-Road Motorcycle Association, you will have the opportunity to meet individuals and families with similar interests, participate in organized club events, and help us shape the trail systems to reflect your riding preferences.

We are fortunate to have an abundance of open riding areas throughout Northern British Columbia, but we need your support to ensure these areas stay open. PGORMA takes a proactive approach to trail management by working closely with organizations such as the Tabor Mountain Recreation Society and Recreation Sites and Trails BC to preserve the future of off-road motorcycling in Northern British Columbia.

By joining PGORMA, you are helping us build a family friendly riding community while showing support for protecting your right to ride.

From pee-wee to expert, individuals, and families – all are welcome. Together we can ensure the future of safe and responsible off-road motorcycling.

Off-Road Riding Etiquette

To protect and preserve the sport and encourage a positive public image, it is important that all riders:

  • Ride in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Wear a helmet and proper protective riding gear.
  • Volunteer to help with trail maintenance and events.
  • Report suspicious or illegal activities promptly to the RCMP.
  • Keep our riding areas clean – take your garbage home with you.
  • Ensure your muffler is properly packed and equipped with a spark arrestor.
  • Stay on existing trails, ride in a manner that does not damage the trails, and respect wildlife.


Ride with respect and keep the trails open!